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Based in Stavanger, we have the perfect starting point to take you to magical places, far away from crowded trails and tourist traps. Our hikes will lead you to known but also to lesser known but equally or above stunning destinations that can rival the most famous ones in terms of beauty, panoramic views, and the overall experience.​

But there's more to our adventures than just the scenery. We want to share the immense joy of being outdoors in breathtaking natural settings. That's why many of our tours include activities like cooking over an open flame, fishing for gorgeous trout, or swimming in crystal clear mountain lakes.

Our ultimate goal is to guide you to the authentic essence of Norwegian nature, and we'll tailor each hike to optimize your overall experience based on the current conditions.


To ensure that we can deliver on our promises, we limit each hike to your personal group of max four people. This is to provide personal excellent guidance and ensure maximum safety.

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The start

During a summer afternoon , Espen was solo hiking in the Reinaknuten area, while nature unfolded its splendor. The weather was magnificent, with the elements showcasing their finest. The crisp mountain air, the subtle fragrance of late summer, and the serene silence of the mountainous landscape created an atmosphere that allowed both body and soul to unwind, fully embracing the moment. It was then that the idea struck him: this is an experience I want to share, ensuring others can revel in the same beauty!

The planning for Stavanger Adventure was underway, and significant efforts were dedicated during the fall and winter to establish the company. This included familiarizing ourselves with regulations, crafting detailed hike descriptions with visuals, developing the website and most importantly strategizing the execution of hikes with a focus on safety and quality to maximize customer satisfaction. Every aspect is self-made by us, a process that undoubtedly took some time and effort, but proved to be a rewarding and highly educational experience.


Currently, Espen is the sole guide for the hikes, but we have additional guides ready if the need arises. We are eagerly looking forward to spring and summer of and hope to contribute to creating wonderful experiences and unforgettable moments!


Espen is our main guide and the one most likely to accompany you on your chosen hike. He has extensive experience and expertise from numerous expeditions in the Norwegian wilderness. 


He has previously been a fishing instructor, conducting safety training and now ensuring the well-being of participants during our adventures in the Norwegian wilderness.

Espen is sociable, considerate, and dedicated to ensuring your adventure is both safe and unforgettable.


His passion for the outdoors shines through, making him the perfect companion for your excursion. 



Be the preferred provider for those seeking unforgettable guided outdoor experiences that create lasting memories.



Deliver Exceptional Experiences: Provide guided hiking experiences that surpass expectations, combining adventure, education, and a deep connection with nature.

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