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Explore Partnership Opportunities with Stavanger Adventure

Welcome to Stavanger Adventure, where the beauty of Rogaland meets the thrill of adventure. We're passionate about showcasing the stunning landscapes of the region, and we're inviting partners and sponsors to join us on this exciting journey.

 A man at the Pulpit Rock viewing the fjord of lysefjorden
a man sitting at the summit of Lauvnesknuten with the viwe towards Frafjord
The view from Reinaknuten towards the fjord and Stavanger

Why Partner With Stavanger Adventure:

At Stavanger Adventure, we go beyond guiding; we create immersive experiences that celebrate the unique wonders of Rogaland. By becoming a partner or sponsor, you align your brand with our commitment to exploration, sustainability, and the vibrant community we serve. Here's why we believe you should join us:

Brand Exposure:

Your brand will gain exposure through our hiking experiences, reaching a diverse audience of outdoor enthusiasts. As a special feature of our partnership, your products will be prominently featured on our website, and we will showcase them in detail on our blog. This provides an additional avenue for your brand to be seen and recognized by our online audience.

Audience Reach:

Tap into a new and engaged audience, as our growing customer base aligns with individuals passionate about outdoor activities.

Marketing and Promotion:

Gain value from our marketing efforts, including social media features, and promotional materials that include your product.

Testimonials and Reviews:

Positive customer feedback on your product will serve as powerful testimonials, enhancing your brand's reputation.

Product Showcase:

Your product will be showcased in real outdoor settings, demonstrating their practicality and performance. Some of our destinations draw thousands of visitors, such as the Pulpit Rock, one of Norway's most visited attractions, welcoming over 360,000 visitors annually.

A man standing beside the carin on top of Lifjell in front of the view towards the fjord and Stavanger
View towards Stavanger from the carin on top of Rennesøyhodnet
Sunset view from the Arrow at Rennesøy

Contribute to the Hike Experience:

Partnering with Stavanger Adventure means being an integral part of the experiences we curate.

There are multiple ways to contribute:

In-Kind Contributions:

Offer high quality products or services that elevate our participant's experience, adding unique value to their time with Stavanger Adventure. Currently, we are seeking partners who can supply hiking equipment such as jackets, pants, shoes, gloves, hiking food, etc.

Co-Branded Ventures:

Collaborate on co-branded initiatives, creating memorable events that highlight our shared dedication to quality and authenticity.

A beautiful bay in Gandsfjorden that we pass during our trip towards Lifjell.
Wodden planks on the trail leading to Rennesøyhodnet on Rennesøy
Sheep in sunset, from our hike to The Arrow in the Stavanger area

Forge Lasting and valuable Connections:

By partnering with Stavanger Adventure, you're not just supporting a business; you're investing in experiences that leave a lasting imprint. 


Thank you for considering a partnership with Stavanger Adventure. Let's embark on this adventure together!

For partnership inquiries and to discuss potential collaborations, please reach out to us:)

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