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This is one of our favorite hikes and it is an excellent option for those seeking diverse landscapes and stunning viewpoints.

Overnight "Sunset & Sunrise"

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Short summary

This hiking trail is an ancient route across the mountain, and the terrain varies from pine and birch forests to bare and easily traversable mountain landscapes. On clear days, the view from Reinaknuten is absolutely stunning, with views spanning large portions of Ryfylke and North Jæren.

After an approximately 40-minute car ride, we arrive at the starting point of the hike inside the Ryfylke Mountains at an elevation of 350 meters above sea level, having just traveled 292m below the fjord from Stavanger. Even at this point, we relish a stunning view that practically begs for striking selfies.

Reinaknuten premium private guided hikes in stavanger norway

Sunset & Sunrise Hike

By participating in our guided Sunset & Sunrise Hike experience, you'll not only connect with nature but also gain valuable outdoor skills and share memorable moments with your fellow adventurers.


Although the trail replicates that of our weekday hike, the extended duration, prolonged breaks and night experience promise to elevate the overall experience even further:)


You will spend the night in comfortable tents or directly under the starry sky, surrounded by the sounds of nature. You can expect a memorable and immersive outdoor experience, where you will be enjoying the warmth of a campfire, sharing stories, building bonds with your fellow hikers and perhaps even a bit of stargazing around a cozy campfire.


You will be spending the night in high-quality tents with comfortable sleeping bags and pads provided by us, ensuring a good setting for activities such as card games, reading a book, or engaging in pleasant conversations while awaiting the sunrise. The guide will be in another tent during the night.


It is expected of you to carry your own gear and your share of the common equipment as it will be too much for the guide to carry all the equipment himself:) You are also expected, and have the opportunity to learn essential camping skills by actively participating in setting up tents and organizing the campsite with the guidance of our experienced guide.


So join us on this guided Sunset & Sunrise Hike experience, where we look forward to sharing the wonders of nature, acquiring outdoor skills, and creating lasting memories with you. We can't wait to have you with us and get to know you on this exciting adventure!


1-2 Persons - 10.190 NOK

   3 Persons -11.190 NOK

   4 Persons - 12.190 NOK


Max 4 persons 

Minimum age: 14


Approximately 20 hours




Approximately 10 km


Hike Description

After an approximately 40-minute car ride, we arrive at the starting point of the hike inside the Ryfylke Mountains at an elevation of 350 meters above sea level, having just traveled 292m below the fjord from Stavanger. Even at this point, we relish a stunning view that practically begs for striking selfies.

Once at the hike's starting point, we conduct an equipment check, making any necessary adjustments. Following this, a brief safety briefing is provided, covering trail information, expected conditions, and useful hiking tips before embarking on today's exciting adventure!

Swimming in crystal clear mountain lake on our Reinaknuten hike in the Stavanhger area

Guided by your guide, you'll ascend through an enchanting pine and birch forest. As you ascend, the landscape transitions into a mix of heathland and birch forest, setting the stage for the mountain's grandeur. The trail takes you past Skjørbu Mountain, offering a bonus peak for the energetic and time-adept. Further, the path introduces you to charming lakes and most likely allows delightful encounters with the local sheeps, giving you a true taste of the Norwegian wilderness.

At strategic intervals, you'll pause to savor the view and capturing the beauty with your camera. After a while, the ascent becomes steep, but the reward is unparalleled: reaching "Krossen Peak" at a lofty 718m above sea level, a summit offering awe-inspiring panoramas. However, we move on, and the day culminates with an ascent to the pinnacle of Reinaknuten at 787m above sea level. Here we have a break to enjoy the view and have something to drink and eat. On the way back, depending of time and conditions, we can choose to follow the same trail back, or we can take the detour down into the valley and walk along the “Long mountain lake” back home.

View from Reinaknuten at sunset on our hike in the Stavanger area

As we navigate our way through the captivating landscapes during our weekend day hike, we will select a suitable spot to either set up a portable fire pit, thoughtfully brought along for the hike, or craft a natural fire if the environmental conditions allow. We prepare food, enjoy something warm to drink, and relish the view. This intentional pause in our exploration serves as a moment of connection with the surroundings. In these interludes, the hike transcends being merely a physical activity; it becomes a holistic and immersive adventure, leaving us with lasting memories of both the journey and the moments of respite along the way.


To sum it up, this hiking trail is a passage through nature's wonders, offering a glimpse into the diverse landscapes and breathtaking vistas of the Ryfylke Mountains. With each step, we discover the beauty and tranquility of this remarkable wilderness, leaving us with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Reinaknuten 1

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Hike Includes:

​​​Simple meal.


Headlamp if needed.

Fishing Gear if applicable.

Hot beverages and some snack.

Pickup and drop-off at agreed point.

Experienced guide designated to your personal group.

Premium photos taken of you during the hike using premium-grade equipment.

Tasting of the different traditional Norwegian "hiking chocolates" during the hike.

Meal, evening (Dehydrated food).

Breakfast (Dehydrated food).


Fishing gear if applicable*


Sleepingng matress*

Sleeping bag with inner liner*

Camp equipment (knife, saw, lighter etc)*

 *Loan only

Please Bring:


Proper hiking boots (can be rented).

Rain-proof jacket (can be rented).


Water-resistant pants (can be rented).

Small backpack (can be rented).

Base layer.

Insulated layer.

Warm, thick socks .

Packed lunch/snacks if desired.

Swimwear if desired.

The Legend of Reinaknuten 

Long ago, before the arrival of the Vikings in Norway, the Ryfylke Mountains were home to magical creatures and ancient spirits. At the top of Reinaknuten, the highest peak of the range, lived an enchanted stag believed to be the protector of the mountain. The stag had great powers and could grant wishes to those brave enough to climb the summit.


Reinaknuten premium private guided hikes in stavanger norway

One winter's day, a young girl named Astrid set out to climb the mountain, hoping to ask the stag to help her family who were struggling to survive the harsh winter. As she reached the peak, she saw the beautiful stag emerge from a nearby cave. The stag listened to Astrid's wish and promised to help her family, but only if Astrid promised to protect the mountain and its creatures. Astrid agreed, and the stag used its powers to bless Astrid and her family with long life, prosperity, and happiness.From that day on, Reinaknuten was revered as a sacred site, and people would climb to the summit to give offerings to the enchanted stag in gratitude for blessings they had received or hoped to receive.


Sunset Hike

During the season, time of Sunset will change. Here, we provide a list of sunset times so
that you can determine whether to expect a sunset during the trip you're booking.



- 20:53
- 21:00
- 21:07
- 21:14
- 21:21
- 21:23
- 21:28



- 21:30
- 21:40
- 21:51
- 22.02
- 22:13
- 22:23
- 22:32



- 22:35
- 22:41
- 22:47
- 22:51
- 22:53
- 22:53
- 22:51



- 22:50
- 22:47
- 22:41
- 22:34
- 22:25
- 22:15
- 22:04



- 21:59
- 21:50
- 21:37
- 21:24
- 22:10
- 20:56
- 20:42



- 20:36
- 20:33
- 20:28
- 20:22
- 20:16
- 20:10
- 20:04

Sunset & Sunrice Hike - Timeline Example
We meet at the pickup point with warm greetings and install you in the car. While in the car, we'll dicuss the hike's objectives, lay out the hikes's plan, and start getting to know each other a bit.

Upon reaching the hike's starting point, we'll conduct an equipment check and make any necessary adjustments. Following this, we'll provide a brief safety briefing before embarking on this exciting adventure!

After a delightful journey through diverse landscapes, we reach the area where we decide a campsite. We establish our camp on our choosen spot, pitch our tents, kindle a campfire, prepare some food, try our luck at fishing if possible, and savor the simple pleasures of life.

The time depends on the date, but we go up to the summit of Reinaknuten in time for sunset. Here we enjoy the magical view before decending to camp using headlamps. 

Back at camp, we opt to spend the night either by the campfire or inside the tent. Nighttime activities while waiting for sunrise, such as card games, reading, or exploring around the camp with a headlamp, are entirely up to personal choice.

The time depends on the date, but we go up to the summit of Reinaknuten or opt for another viewpoint in time for sunset. Here we enjoy the magical view, have a simple breakfast and savor our coffee while witnessing nature prepare for a new day. This is also a a perfect opportunity to capture some photos in beautiful light if you wish. 

Back in camp we pack our bags and tidy up the campsite before embarking on today's hike. On most of our journeys, we'll pass by lakes, and for the most adventurous among us, there's an opportunity to take a dip in the crystal-clear, refreshing water on the way back.

We have now returned to the car, tired but filled with impressions from today's hike. Regrettably, our time together has come to an end as we arrive back at the drop-off point. We say our goodbyes and hope to meet again.

The example provided is just one way to experience this hike. This trail offers flexibility and can be tailored to your desired length, allowing for various extensions and options.

Pickup Point

Our standard pickup point (displayed below) is outside the main entrance, facing the water, of the hotel "Raddison Blue Atlantic Hotel" in Stavanger sentrum. If you need another pickup point in the vicinity of Stavanger centrum, this can be arranged but you need to clarify this with us while booking. 

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