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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the trip last

It can be tailored to your desire but as a rule; 5 - 8 hours.

What's included in the price?

This will vary, but are firmly described under each specific hike description.

What do I/we need to bring?

Outdoor clothes suiting the weather on that day and a big smile :o) 

The need will vary, but requirements and recommendations are firmly described under each specific hike description.

What skill levels do you take?

Because of extensive experience, we can accommodate all skills levels. From a total beginner to an expert.

A skill requirements level is set to each hike, and the different levels are described HERE.


What age group are these activities for?

As most of our hikes require a certain level of physical capability, we, unfortunately, do not accommodate very

young participants. The minimum age varies and is defined in each tour description.

Can we take our pets?

No pets are allowed in the car, however if you arrange your own transport to the hikes starting point,

your pet is very welcome:)

We have health issues/disabilities, will that be a problem?

We have a range of difficulty levels, and we encourage participants to review our skill levels to determine if the

hike suits them. We will try our best to accommodate different needs and may make certain adjustments to tailor the trip to your needs.

If you have specific concerns or requirements, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Do you combine customers that don't know each other?


Our goal is that you will have the best experience possible. Because of this, we do not combine people

that do not know each other in case of a clash of personalities.

Do I need to book in advance, or can I join a tour spontaneously?

While booking in advance is recommended to secure your spot, we can sometimes accommodate

last-minute bookings. It's best to check availability beforehand.

What is the typical group size for your tours?

As mentioned before, our goal is that you will have the best experience possible. Because of this, we limit

the group to you, your friends or family with a maximum of 4 persons.

Are there restroom facilities along the hiking trails?

Restroom facilities are limited in the mountains, so be prepared to embrace nature if the need arises.

It might be a good idea to visit the little room before arriving at the pickup point. 

Is there cellphone reception in the mountains?

Cellphone reception can be spotty in remote mountain areas. Most of our hikes have good cellphone reception most of the hike,

but be prepared to loose signal in some areas. Our guide will bring an additional GPS to ensure safety.

Is it safe to drink water from mountain streams?

Water from mountain streams in Norway is mostly safe to drink. Your guide has extensive experience and will

notify you if the water is undrinkable.

What's the weather like in the Norwegian mountains during the summer?

Norwegian mountain weather can be variable. Summers are generally mild, but it's wise to dress in layers and be

prepared for occasional rain or cool temperatures.

Do I need travel insurance for the hiking tour?

While travel insurance isn't mandatory, it's highly recommended. It can provide coverage for unforeseen

circumstances or emergencies during your trip.

Can I bring my own hiking gear, or is it provided by the tour company?

You're welcome to bring your own hiking gear, if this is within our equipment requirements.

Our hikes also include the option to rent necessary equipment if needed.

Is it possible to spot wildlife during the hikes?

Norwegian mountains are home to various wildlife, and while sightings are not guaranteed, it's possible

to encounter animals like ravens, deer, moose, fox, hare, and even eagles.

Do I need previous hiking experience to join your tours?

This will vary, we refer to the page HIKE DIFFICULTY LEVELS

What type of footwear is recommended for hiking in the mountains?

Sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support are recommended for mountain hikes. Proper footwear is

crucial for safety and comfort. We refer to the page EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS for more info.

Can I bring my own food and drinks on the hike?

You're welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks, but our hikes also provide some refreshments and meals as

part of the package. This will vary and are described in hike description.

What should I do if I encounter a wild animal during the hike?

There are basically no wild animals to be afraid for in our area. Moose with babies are probably the most dangerous,

but in most cases they will run away at long distance.

Is it necessary to bring a backpack, and what should I pack in it?

A backpack is useful for carrying essentials like water, snacks, extra clothing, and personal items.

We recommend packing in accordance with the specific hike's requirements.

Can I bring my camera on the hike?

Yes, you're encouraged to bring a camera to capture the breathtaking scenery. Just be mindful of its weight and protection from the elements. It is however not a necessity as the guide will take photos of you during the hike using premium-grade equipment.

Do I need to bring my own fishing equipment if I want to fish during the hike?

While you can bring your own fishing equipment, we also include some standard equipment as part of some of our hikes.

For fly fishing you will need to bring your own equipment.

Is it possible to arrange a special celebration or event during the hike, such as a birthday or proposal?

Yes, we can arrange special celebrations or events during the hike.

Please contact us in advance to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Are there any cultural or historical points of interest along the hiking trails?

Norwegian mountains often have cultural and historical significance. We may include stops or provide information

about such points of interest during the hike.

Will I experience a sunset or a sunrise?

These events vary in time throughout the season, as indicated in the overview available on the hiking pages.

On weekdays, during certain periods of the season, you will have the opportunity to witness a sunset.

What is the terrain like on the hiking trails?

Terrain can vary, but Norwegian mountain trails often include rocky sections, forested areas,

and open landscapes. Some trails may be steeper than others.

Is it possible to swim in mountain lakes or streams during the hike?

Yes, some hikes may include opportunities for swimming in mountain lakes or streams.

Be sure to bring swimwear if you're interested in this activity.

What type of food is typically provided during the tours?

The food provided on our hikes varies depending on the hike's duration, weather conditions,

and the time of the season. A typical dinner often consists of dehydrated, vacuum-sealed meals.

We usually offer a selection for you to choose from before we embark on the hike.

What type of snack is typically provided during the tours?

We offer tastings of some typical Norwegian hiking chocolates as part of our hikes.

Additionally, on some of our hikes, we include a variety of other snacks, both sweet and savory.

Can I choose the departure time for the hike, or is it fixed?

The departure time for each tour is typically fixed, but for some hikes we can discuss timing based on your preferences. 

Do I need to sign a waiver or release of liability before the hike?

Yes, participants are required to sign a waiver before embarking on a hike.

This document is a legal agreement that acknowledges the risks associated with outdoor activities and releases the guiding company from liability for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the hike.

It's a standard practice to ensure that participants are aware of the potential risks and take personal responsibility for their participation. Before the hike, you'll be provided with the necessary paperwork to review and sign.

Liability Release Agreement

Are there any additional fees or costs during the hike that I should be aware of?

The price of the hike usually includes all specified activities, but any additional expenses,

such as souvenirs or optional extras, are typically not included.

Is it possible to change or cancel a booking if my plans change?

Yes, off course it's possible to change or cancel a booking. Be sure to notify us at least 48 hours before the hike starts.

We also recommend to read our TERMS & CONDITIONS before making a reservation.

Can I combine multiple tours or activities into one longer adventure?

Some tours may be combinable into longer adventures, and we can discuss creating a custom itinerary based on your interests.

Are your guides trained in first aid and safety procedures?

Our guides are trained in first aid and safety procedures to ensure your well-being during the hike.

We prioritize your safety and comfort throughout the experience. The guide will always bring necessary first aid equipment.  

Please note that these FAQs are general guidelines and can vary depending on the specific hike you choose for your summer hiking adventure in the Norwegian mountains. 

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