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Perfect Slow-Paced Hiking Experience - Premium Private Guided Hikes

Updated: May 17

12 of 52 Weeks of Wilderness - Wildlife Encounters and Serene Mountain Escapes

And so I have been on the twelfth overnight stay on my challenge for the year: 52 Weeks of Wilderness: A Year of Adventure Camping and Hiking in the Stavanger Area, Norway

Minimum one overnight sleep in nature every week in 2024. 

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Stavanger Adventure offers premium private guided hikes, tailored to fit your preferences for a personalized and unforgettable outdoor experience.

For this adventure, I picked a new trail in a place I like to visit. I left work in the afternoon and changed clothes in the parking lot. I decided to take it super easy this time, to really see all the small, cool things around me instead of rushing by, a so called Slow-Paced Hiking Experience.

Walking quietly on the path, I came to a swamp full of toads trying to impress each other with noises and jumps. It was really neat to watch, something I'd usually miss if I were walking fast. While I sat there, a woman hurried past and all the toads hid! She must have wondered why I was sitting there, staring into the swamp...

I kept walking slowly and saw lots of interesting and pretty things. Finally, I got to the top and saw a beautiful sunset. When it got dark, I found a little pond just below the peak and set up my hammock. Turns out, this pond was a sleeping spot for ducks, so I fell asleep to them quacking under a beautiful moonlight.

I slept great, but in the morning, there was frost and ice everywhere, so it was a bit cold getting out of my sleeping bag. But the light was so pretty, and I had a lovely walk back to my car to drive to the office.

The hike was in the area of our LIFJELL, DALSNUTEN and BJØRNDALSFJELLET hikes.

See you on the trail!!


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