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Off the Beaten Track: Scouting for Hidden Hiking Gems - Premium Private Guided Hikes

Updated: May 17

And so I have been on the fourteenth overnight stay on my challenge for the year: 52 Weeks of Wilderness: A Year of Adventure Camping and Hiking in the Stavanger Area, Norway

Minimum one overnight sleep in nature every week in 2024. 

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Stavanger Adventure offers premium private guided hikes, tailored to fit your preferences for a personalized and unforgettable outdoor experience.

For this hiking adventure, I had a mission: to scout a spot I've been eyeing for a while, mulling over its potential to join our collection of guided tours. This area, within our operational zone, looked intriguing on the map, a mystery waiting to be unraveled.

From the parking lot, I hit a gravel path, winding through the heath under a nearly cloudless sky, the sun's warmth a cozy companion. The day was filled with encounters of the feathered kind—ravens and a majestic golden eagle above, and a lively crowd of small birds that seemed to have just returned from their sunny winter retreats down south. As I ventured deeper into the heath, the weather pulled a swift one on me, turning chillier with a cloak of clouds.

Reaching the peak was a mixed bag—the view was swallowed by the greying sky, and the summit stay was cut short by the nippy air and cheeky wind. Yet, the landscape's raw beauty was undeniable. Sure, early spring meant more browns than greens, but I could almost picture the lushness that would spring up come May or June.

Conclusion? This hike is definitely making the cut for our tour offerings. But first, a promise to return when the hills are dressed in vibrant hues and the skies a little less moody.

Descending back towards my car, I found the perfect hammock spot by a tranquil lake. It was like front-row seats to nature's evening show—ducks, geese, and other birds putting on quite the performance, each trying to outdo the others in a cacophony of squawks and flaps.

Sleep eventually came, and so did the alarm's merciless jingle in the morning, promptly echoed by the barking of a roe deer buck. Seemed like he wasn't a fan of my phone's alarm either.

I packed up and strolled back in beautiful light, headed towards civilization's call and the day's duties at the office.

See you on the trail!!


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