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Wildlife Encounters and Hiking Adventure in the Serene Mountains of Stavanger - Premium Private Guided Hikes

Updated: May 17

And so I have been on the eleventh overnight stay on my challenge for the year: 52 Weeks of Wilderness: A Year of Adventure Camping and Hiking in the Stavanger Area, Norway

Minimum one overnight sleep in nature every week in 2024. 

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After finishing my workday, I got into my car, where my packed backpack and hiking gear were ready for the weeks hiking adventure.  A short drive later, I arrived at Dale, a former asylum that now serves as the starting point for numerous beautiful hikes in the area. This time, I decided to take the scenic route along the coast and ascend Lifjell Mountain, a beautiful but somewhat challenging trek due to its steep sections and length of approximately 10km (about 6 miles).

I changed into my hiking gear in the parking lot and set off well before dusk, enjoying a leisurely pace along the mountain, savoring the quiet evening air of early spring. The lively chirping of birds nesting on the hillside signaled their delight at the season's change. 

Eventually, I reached a small secluded bay where I lit my portable stove and cooked some dehydrated stew while watching the sun begin its descent. It was here, in this serene spot, that I was fortunate enough to observe seals, a heron, porpoises, and even a mink.

Continuing my journey, I ventured into ancient woodlands, following a trail that eventually wound its way up the mountain. The climb was steep, turning the hike into a solid workout, especially with a loaded backpack. However, the increasingly spectacular views were more than enough motivation to press onward. After the ascent, I took a moment to rest; by then, it had turned completely dark, and I had to rely on my headlamp. The darkness transformed the landscape, making the vista even more breathtaking than in daylight.

Navigating in the dark was a challenge, even with a strong headlamp, but patience helped me avoid losing my way. Eventually, I descended the mountain and set up camp by a tranquil bay, not far from where I’d parked my car, mindful of the early job start awaiting me the next day. 

I pitched my tent by the still waters and quickly snuggled into my sleeping bag. Soon after, I heard the huffing and puffing sounds outside the tent; peering out, I discovered a group of porpoises hunting in the calm bay, a remarkable night-time show, albeit too dark for photos. What an incredible end to a fantastic hike! I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of my new friends feasting in the bay and enjoyed a wonderful night's rest. The following morning, I was greeted by two swans as I emerged from my tent, offering a beautiful conclusion to my journey.

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See you on the trail!!


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